Autodrom SlovakiaRing | Poton | Slovakia

SlovakiaRing track
Orechová 800, 93002 Poton, Slovakia
Official Name Autodrom SlovakiaRing
Longest Layout 5.935 m
No. of Layouts 2
FIA Grade Grade 2
Build year 2009
Pits / Gas Station33 / yes
Max. dB unlimited
Layout Name
Grand Prix Circuit (Variant 4b)
5.935 m
12 m
Grand Prix Circuit (Variant 4)
5.922 m
12 m

The Slovakia Ring is a race track near the municipality of Orechová Potôň in Slovakia, about 36 km from the capital Bratislava. It was built from 2008 to 2009 and is the first official race track in Slovakia.

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Coaching Cars Touring, Clubsport, Street
Coaching Languages
Age 28
Daily Rate
from EUR 800
Coaching Cars GT, Cup, Touring, Clubsport, Street
Coaching Languages
Age 55
Daily Rate
from EUR 1.200
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