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Polar Racing by Polar Racing Event Oy | Finland

07-09.03.24 | Rautuvaaran Jäärata | Ice Racing | Multiday | Polar Racing | 640

07-09.03.24 Rautuvaaran Jäärata Finland multiday
Ice Racing | Polar Racing
Event Mode Race Weekend
Participants 18
Cars Provided & Inclusive
No Restrictions to worry
Date 07.03 - 09.03.2024
Time 09:00 - 17:00
Location Rautuvaaran Jäärata
From EUR 5.000,00

Iceracing Plus is the perfect programme for all beginners.

Two training days leave enough time to familiarise yourself with the track and vehicle and to get to know the surface and be prepared for the big race day.

Learn how to race on ice in theoretical and practical exercises and show the others who is the fastest on race day.


No Limitations
Vehicles are provided

Event Services

Coaching (Included)

  • Personal Track Coaching

Event Services (Included)

  • Trackwalk
  • Photographer

Catering (Included)

  • Lunch
  • Snacks & Drinks

Equipment (Included)

FIA-Approved Drivers-Equipment containing:
  • Helmet, Balaclava, HANS, Overall, Gloves, Shoes & Socks

Coaching (Optional)

  • 1:1 Coaching

Event Services (Optional)

  • Photographer

Other Services (Optional)

  • Accomodation


Coaches included

Below you find the coaches booked by the event organizer to coach during the event.

Coaches optional

These coaches can be booked as personal coach during the event.

External Coaches

Due to restrictions external coaching is not allowed. If you would like to bring an external coach to this event, please contact the event organizer.
Cars Coached Touring, Clubsport, Street
Coaching Languages
Age 44
Cars Coached GT, Cup, Touring, Clubsport, Street
Coaching Languages
Age 55

Cars Available

Provided Cars

These cars are available during this event.

Optional Cars

These cars could be booked for this event. Pricing might be different due to included transport, service, taxes, etc.
Race Car
Power 262 hp
Shifting manual
Vendor Polar Racing
Race Car
Power 262 hp
Shifting auto
Vendor Jaco's Paddock

About the track

Polar Racing Ice Circuit Rautuvaara | Kolari | Finland

Rautuvaaran Jäärata ice
Rautuvaara, 95900 Kolari, Finland
Official Name Polar Racing Ice Circuit Rautuvaara
FIA Grade None
Build year N/A
Pits / Gas StationNo / No
Max. dB unlimited

The track is newly laid out every year and is located on the approx. 12 hectares decay basin of a former iron mine.

Every year, our track team manages to find a layout for the course that offers many places to overtake and thus makes exciting races possible.

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