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Rory Melia

Rory Melia, 35

Located in Stockport, UK
In Motorsport since 2002
Coaching since 2019
Coaching License Instructor C
Race-License Int. C
Coaching Languages
Coaching Cars Formula, Clubsport
Daily Rate from GBP 400,00
  • The Motorsports School

My name is Rory Melia,

I specialise in circuit instruction/coaching for adults, juniors and disabled.

I am ARDS licensed and MSUK coaching Licensed (level 2 in coaching, CPD in junior coaching)

I am first aid qualified.

Despite only recently becoming a ‘licensed’ coach endorsed/insured by MSUK, I have over 4 years experience in instruction/coaching.

I have been racing most of my life, from karting, to single seat formulas, and currently competing in mini challenge c/s of which I have had many podiums this year.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any requirements.

Coaching Services


  • Reference Lap - Customer Car
  • Co Pilot Coaching
  • Active Coaching - Customer Car
  • Guided Driving - Customer Car
  • Data & Video Analysis

Data Recording

None Used
Cosworth Pi Toolbox I know what I'm doing
Emotac I know what I'm doing
Memotec AiM Race Studio I know what I'm doing
Motec I know what I'm doing
Race Navigator I know what I'm doing
Racelogic VBox I know what I'm doing

Car Experience

Track experience on 15 Tracks

Racing Highlights & Experience

Racing Highlights

No highlights reported yet.

Racing Experience

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