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Jürgen van Hover

Jürgen van Hover, 53

Residenza in Aalst, Belgio
Nel motorsport dal 1994
Allenamento da 2000
Veicoli da coaching GT, Cup, Turismo, Stradale, Club
Tasso giornaliero Da EUR n/a

Jürgen Van Hover is one of the most experienced, still active racing drivers. He has done more than 200 races all over Europe and he possesses al lot of ‘race-wisdom’.

He has been an independent coach for many years and has a somewhat different approach.

He developed a system that makes you real fast with a minimum of testing. So far his students have never crashed.

Jürgen has definitely a story to tell; a story that could help you out in different domains, also sponsorship and career-planning.

You will save a lot of money…

Servizi di coaching


Punti salienti della corsa ed esperienza

Punti salienti della gara

Nessuno dei punti salienti è stato ancora segnalato

esperienza di corse

formula Series

  • Formula Renault

cup Series

  • Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge
  • Porsche Carrera Cup

touring Series

  • 24h Series
  • GT4
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