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Adriano Medeiros

Adriano Medeiros, 51

Residenza in Milton Keynes, Gran Bretagna
Nel motorsport dal 2007
Allenamento da 2003
Patente di corsa Int. C
Stato FIA Bronce
Veicoli da coaching GT, Cup, Turismo, Stradale, Club
Tasso giornaliero Da GBP 500,00

In addition to his performances as a racing driver, Adriano has been invaluable to many drivers working their own paths through the ranks of motorsport.

His work with Charles Loughran pushed him to challenge for the Radical Clubman Championship just a year after working with Adriano, whilst Chris Bentley has moved on to greater successes in sportscar racing thanks to Adriano’s tutoring.

In recent times he has coached Seth Walpole to a top ten finish in the highly competitive Lotus Elise Trophy UK series in 2014 and has recently assisted Junior Saloon Car Championship ace Katie Milner who won the JSCC title in 2016 having become the most successful female racing driver ever in junior motorsport, winning eight races in her championship winning season.

Adriano has also worked with Lotus Cup UK driver Axel van Nederveen who competed at the front end of the field in 2016, including a pair of top six finishes at the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit. He also finished in the top six regularly during the 2016 season, assisted in the endurance races by Adriano who grabbed the fastest lap during the Brands Hatch GP meeting.

Having worked as a Grade A ARDS instructor since 2004, Adriano has spent the past twelve years coaching racing drivers from novice to championship winner, and is one of the best motorsport coaches based in Great Britain.

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3 x Formula- Ford | Campione Classe/Gruppo | formula

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  • Radical SR3

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  • GT
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