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Gotland GPe Circuit AB | Suède

Gotland GPe Circuit AB

Track Owner | Event Organizer
Lärbro Storugns 2741, 624 53 Lärbro, Suède +46 730 668 688

Gotland GPe Circuit AB is the owner of the racetrack Gotlandring on the island of Gotland in Sweden. The track is the world’s first sustainable race and test circuit.

On this track you can experience the testdrive in sportscars in safe circumstances. Instructors are experienced in coaching at all levels and have the best safety level in their field.

Gotland GPe Circuit Ab offers a wide range of trainings for beginners and pros. Grand-Prix Coaching, Trackdays or a race taxi are some of the experiences one can make with us.

Coachs partenaires

Coachs actifs ici
Ces coachs travaillent régulièrement pour le prestataire
Cars Coached GT, Touring, Véhicule routier
Age 58
Taux journalier
ab EUR 1.000
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