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Axel Wiegner

Axel Wiegner, 59

Domicile en Dreieich, Allemagne
En sport automobile depuis 2002
Entraînement depuis 2018
Licence de course Int. C
Licence d'entraîneur Instructor A
Véhicules de coaching Touring, Véhicule routier
Taux journalier De EUR 600,00

Axel has been involved in motorsport since 1995. In the early 90s he raced on the Nordschleife on a motorbike.

Later he raced in the Youngtimer Trophy, VLN, RCN up to the 24h Series Dubai in 2015.

With various placings in the Youngtimer Trophy, RCN and VLN. Incl. a class championship at the NLS in 2019.

Axel is a licensed “Lead DMSB Instructor Automobilsport” and a proven Nordschleife expert.

He has experience with licence courses and individual coaching.

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