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Stuart McLaren

Stuart McLaren, 48

Residencia en Cambridge, Gran Bretaña
En el mundo del motor desde 2017
Entrenando desde 2016
Licencia de carreras Nat. A
Licencia de entrenador Instructor B
Licencia de entrenador Rally Instructor
Vehículos de entrenamiento Cup, Turismo, Club, Carretera
Tarifa diaria Desde GBP n/a

Stuart’s career began in science in the early 1990s. He was one of the British team who worked on an international project to decode the Human Genome. With a solid career in genomic research, he worked for several years as part of a cancer genome research group.

Although the achievements were great Stuart was keen to see if he could cut out a professional career in the automotive industry and in 2016 he decided to leave science behind and start his own business and become a qualified racing driving instructor.

This was an ambitious move but when you have a dream and a talent you can achieve great things. His company, McLaren0to60, was established and he signed up for the Cooper Am class in the MINI Challenge in 2017. His rookie season was destined to be a real cracker and he successfully won the championship in his R50 normally aspirated mini. In subsequent years he graduated to a supercharged R53 in the Cooper S class.

Establishing a presence in the racing world took effort and Stuart would work at race tracks and proving grounds to get tarmac time but to create what is now an established network. Qualified as an ARDS instructor Stuart continues with his self-improvement mindset to move up through the grades opening up new opportunities.

If you are thinking that you can’t achieve your dream then you should speak to Stuart and learn how with hard work and practice you can be a successful racing driver.

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1 x Mini - Mini Challenge | Campeón Clase/Grupo | cup
1 x Mini - Mini Challenge | Tercero Clase/Grupo | cup

cup Series

  • Hyundai Coupe Cup
  • Mini Challenge
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