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Luc Janssens

Luc Janssens, 60

Wohnort in Lettelingen, Belgien
Im Motorsport seit 1999
Training seit 2005
Rennlizenz Int. D
Coaching Fahrzeuge Tourenwagen, Clubsport, Straßen
Tagessatz Ab EUR n/a

I’m a Belgian racer and free-lance coach from Lettelingen in Belgium. Currently I work for QSR Racingschool since 8 years(since 2013) and before about 7 years for Mascot Racing in France (2005 – 2012).

I started my motorsport career in 1999 in Belgium Touring Cup on BMW, which I have most of experience with. Also the VW Fun Cup and Porsche.I raced in Belgium Belcar Series, in LegendsCars series and Fun Cup. Also lot of experience as endurance driver in 24h races , 12 times 24h of Zolder and 6 times 25h Francorchamps Fun Cup. In 2017(on BMW Clubsport) and 2019 (on BMW M240I) Belgian Champion in the Belcar Series. In Legends Cars Series I was able to win the Belgian Championship in 2008.

Experience acquired on about 150 races and even a lot more trackdays. I am an “old school” instructor and share al my experience with you, I work from that feeling “ down in the belly “ as we say in Belgium.

Coaching Services


Streckenerfahrung auf 10 Strecken

Racing Highlights & Experience



2 x Belcar Championship | Champion Klasse/Gruppe | touring


1 x 24h Zolder | Zweiter Klasse/Gruppe | touring


touring Series

  • Belcar Championship

touring Races

  • 24h Zolder
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