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Harry Rice

Harry Rice, 19

Rennfahrzeug | Straßenfahrzeug
Wohnort in Witney, Groß Britanien
Im Motorsport seit 2019
Training seit 2023
Rennlizenz Int. C
Trainerlizenz Instructor C
Coaching Fahrzeuge GT, Tourenwagen
Tagessatz Ab GBP 250,00

Hi everyone, My Name is Harry Rice – an ARDS C instructor who is available for private 1-1 hire! I have experience in both front and rear wheel drive cars/racing, as well as having a wealth of knowledge across all UK circuits!

Its difficult extracting your full potential without some external feedback from an outside party, a lot of the time a simple 1-1 coaching session can really open your eyes into understanding your own driving style – as well as how to adapt to the car you’re driving!

Please feel free to give me a call or email on the contact page, Harry Rice

Coaching Services


  • Referenzrunde - Kundenfahrzeug
  • Co-Pilot
  • Aktiv-Coaching - Kundenfahrzeug
  • Geführtes Fahren - Kundenfahrzeug
  • Daten- und Videoanalyse


  • Referenzrunde - Kundenfahrzeug
  • Co Pilot
  • Aktiv-Coaching - Kundenfahrzeug
  • Geführtes Fahren - Kundenfahrzeug
  • Daten- und Videoanalyse



Rennwagen Erfahrung

Touring (max. 400hp) Ich weiß, was ich tue

Streckenerfahrung auf 0 Strecken

Racing Highlights & Experience



1 x Great Britain - Junior Saloon Car | Drittes Overall | club
1 x Porsche - Porsche Club Championship | Drittes Overall | cup
2 x BritCar Endurance Championship | Drittes Klasse/Gruppe | touring


cup Series

  • Porsche Club Championship

touring Series

  • BritCar Endurance Championship

club Series

  • Junior Saloon Car
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