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Raffael Sulzinger Age 37 Years from Tittling, Germany

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When I was a child, I sat all day in a folding chair at race tracks and slalom tracks. No one was allowed to disturb me as long as any racing car was moving. I drove my first "best times" on a bobby car in my parents' flat. Late at night with the kettcar after closing time in the courtyard of my grandfather's Ford business. In between, I would sneak into the showroom to test drive the latest vehicles and check the functionality of the gear shift...

I started motoring at the age of 8 in youth kart slalom. At 16 I started in car slalom. Later I competed in rally sprints and small regional rallies. Always with self-built vehicles. After I won a driver's test for the magazine "sport auto", the DSF filmed a report about me and Walter Röhrl took notice of me, I went on to the "international stage". From 2008 onwards, I will be competing in the Ford Fiesta Sporting Trophy as part of the Austrian National Rally Championship.

We were always the David among the Goliaths. Up to and including 2018, we did the set-up and maintenance of the rally cars ourselves. Always after work, on the "free" weekends and at night. With family and friends. Always low-budget. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, we were able to celebrate great successes and win international titles.

The fire inside me is burning stronger than ever and I have the speed and the consistency to compete at the top internationally. Apart from the sporting goals, my focus is on being able to offer our advertising partners the maximum. That's why I like to adapt future projects to their needs.

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The rally driver from Tittlingen did not compete in any event for an incredible 19 months due to the pandemic. The choice for the comeback fell on the Rally Velenje, not far from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.
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