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Lukas Hein Age 30 Years from Minfeld, Germany

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"If my head can think it up, if my heart can believe it- then I can achieve it" (Muhammad Ali).

The heart of a little boy

Already at the age of six and my first ride in a kart, motorsport fascinated me. What fascinated me about it? The feeling of speed, the joy of competing against comrades, pushing yourself and fighting for every thousandth of a second. Exactly at that moment when I felt all this for the first time, I knew that I wouldn't want to miss it in my life.

Sometimes things turn out differently than you think, but you should never give up on your dreams and goals.

It has been my dream and goal to pursue this sport professionally since I was a child. That's why, after my successful karting career, I decided to switch to motor racing. As formula and touring car racing was very cost-intensive, the change seemed impossible at first. But it was precisely in these situations that my character came to the fore, my dedication, my fighting spirit and my irrepressible will. Therefore, my father and I converted a Golf 2 with 150 hp as a rally car and successfully participated in various rally events from 2011 to the beginning of 2014. Like in 2013 where we finished a respectable 4th place in the championship at the ADAC Rally Masters. To increase the prospects of a professional career, we participated in individual races of the ADAC Opel Rally Cup from 2016-2018.

When the heart longs for the old and the head already imagines it

My heart has been longing for the race track again for quite some time and the thought of switching from the gravel track to the race track has also spread in my head. A young driver sighting for the Dupré Motorsport Junior Team in a Porsche 991 GT3 Cup offered the perfect opportunity for a change. The team was very impressed with my professional and determined approach, which is why I was offered a partially subsidised driver's place for the 2019 DMV-GTC racing series. For financial reasons, a full season was not possible, so I took part in five races of the Dunlop 60 race series as part of the DMV-GTC. Together we were able to finish third three times and as a highlight we "flew" to first place in Zolder!

With the star on cloud nine

After the successes of 2019 and positive discussions with partners, I contested a test with Leipert Motorsport in a Mercedes AMG GT4 in Barcelona in February 2020. So the planning for my entry into the ADAC GT4 Germany was well advanced and I was more than ready to give it my all.

Perseverance and fighting spirit

What came next hit us all. I lost a lot of cooperation partners through Corona and have been fighting hard ever since. With dedication, my fighting spirit and my irrepressible will, I will still give everything to be at the start in 2021. Until then, "never give up"!

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As part of the ADAC Racing Weekend in Hockenheim from 17-18.09.2021, Lukas Hein successfully took part in his first Goodyear 60 Endurance race in a Porsche Cayman GT4.
From 27.08.-29.08.2021 I took part for the first time in the Cup and Touring Car Trophy at the TT Circuit Assen. I drove the VW Scirocco R Cup for Team Gesell Motorsport
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