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Ralf Teuber
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Ralf Teuber
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We need YOUR help!

We have taken on a challenge that we can't do alone - please help us!

As a thank you, you will get the chance to win a unique experience - three days of ice racing in Finland at Polar Racing.


The challenge

We need to reach 150 riders on My Race Instructor by 15 January 2022.

If we meet the challenge, we can start building the social networking features for My Race Instructor and give you the opportunity to communicate directly with other racers on the portal.


Your chance to win

Help us and win an exclusive three-day ice racing package in Finland from Polar Racing including flights and accommodation.

If we complete the challenge, we will draw our exclusive prize among all racers on the portal on 15 January 2022.


The prize

An exclusive three-day Ice Racing package from Polar Racing incl. flight and accommodation with a total value of over 5,000 euros.

Two training days and one race day make this package a unique experience in the winter wonderland of Northern Finland. Train your ice racing skills with our instructors in our BMW 325i with rally spikes and show everyone on race day that you are a champion.

All information about the event.


Increase your chance

Each driver will receive one raffle ticket for their profile and one raffle ticket for every recommendation they make by the end of the Challenge.

So you can benefit in MANY ways from each referral.

  • You increase your chance of completing the challenge,
  • you increase your chance of winning the exclusive Ice Racing package,
  • And you get premium features for your referrals, as usual.

Help us master the challenge.

Order your profile now, invite your fellow drivers and friends to create a profile too, or Like and Share us on social media. Every click helps!


Terms and conditions:


The prize will only be given away if we complete the challenge. This means that 150 profiles are active on My Race Instructor on 15 January.

The raffle tickets

Each rider will receive one raffle ticket for their personal profile and one for each profile that is live until the end of the challenge that results from a referral from them. A rider can transfer their raffle tickets to another rider. To transfer the raffle tickets, simply send an email to before the end of the Challenge.

The event

The event will take place from 3 March to 5 March 2022 near Kittilä in Finland. For more details, visit

The accommodation

Accommodation from 2 to 6 March in a good hotel in Kittilä is included in the price.


Flights are covered up to 500 euros. This covers economy class airfare to Kittilä/Rovaniemi from most European airports. If there are additional costs, we will find an individual solution with the winner.

Who can participate?

Participation is open to all riders who are eligible to have a profile on My Race Instructor.

Drivers who are under 16 years old

We are very sorry for the young riders, but for insurance reasons only riders who are 16 years or older can participate in the event.
Younger riders can give away their tickets to other riders or choose to defer the prize until the year they turn 16.

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