Sebastian Schemmann

Age 36 Years from Zierenberg-Burghasungen, Germany available as:
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About Sebastian

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Whether rally or circuit racing - Sebastian is a racer through and through. Since 2014, he has had several class wins and podium finishes at national rallies in Germany in his palmares. And he can boast three class wins in the SP4 class at the famous Nürburgring 24-hour race on the circuit.

He also works successfully as a drivers' coach and instructor for various providers and prepares and accompanies his own and customers' vehicles for racing with his company Schemmann Motorsport.

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Race tracks

Experiences on 11 Race tracks as: Instructor Racing driver
Track types: Circuit
Track knowledge
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Instructor Book

Experiences 10 Years between 2014 - until today as instructor for: Trackday
Daily rate: Not specified
Instructor Palmares
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Motorsport Book

Experiences 8 Years between 2013 - 2020 in the classes: Touring car Rally
Racing licence: blankInt. C
Motorsport Details
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