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I am a young man like any other. I am not someone from a racing family or from a family that owns two or three companies. I'm just a young man with endless passion for the sport and a dream that I'm willing to give everything for. At 12 years old, I am quite a late starter in motorsport, but have been able to establish myself in motorsport and simracing at regional, national and international level. I am currently part of the motorsport and simracing hybrid racing team Buttler-Pal Motorsports and a driver in the HPD eSports Academy.

Besides my motorsport start in Autoslalom and my 7th place in the national final there, I have competed in 4 touring car races so far in 2019 and finished 3 of them on the podium. In 2020 I was unable to compete in the real car due to the pandemic, however instead I officially represented Ferrari in the SRO eSports Championship in the PRO category against factory drivers such as David Perel and Rafaele Marciello, consistently showing the ability to place myself in the top 10. This year Honda was looking for drivers for their campaign this season and I won the shootout and am currently a driver in the HPD eSports Academy.

However, despite all the simracing experiences and successes, I want to return to the real car. I want to achieve this with my team Buttler-Pal Motorsport, whose plan is to give simracing talents the opportunity to show their talent in a real car on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, first in the RCN and later in the NLS. My goal is to participate and win a class at the 24 hours of the Nürburgring. I am looking for sponsors and partners to help me achieve this.

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