Mikkel Njor
Age 24 Years from Aalborg, Danmark available as:
Mikkel speaks 2 Languages:
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About Mikkel

Mikkel is a young racing driver who has already gained experience and success both on the racetrack and in rallying.

His biggest successes so far are a third place in the Danish Yokohama 1600 Challenge Touring Car Championship in 2018 and a victory in the Danish Rally Championship in 2020.

In addition, Mikkel has gained experience as a race engineer with various Danish racing teams.


Race tracks

Experiences on 4 Race tracks as: Racing driver
Track types: Circuit
Track knowledge
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Instructor Book

Experiences 4 Years between 2020 - until today as instructor for: Ice & Snow
Daily rate: Not specified
Instructor Palmares
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Motorsport Book

Experiences 6 Years between 2015 - 2020 in the classes: Touring car Rally Karting
Racing licence: Not specified
Motorsport Details
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