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As a young boy I always dreamed of driving racing cars on a circuit, but there was nobody I knew from family or friends who did something like this. So, for me this dream looked like impossible. In 2006 my opportunity to get involved in racing came when I was 9 years old. As a contest in the local newspapers you had to draw a Formula One car to win a full day of training on the local indoor go kart track. I was one of the lucky kids to win this contest and from this moment on I was addicted to racing.

After a half year of training I won my first club race. The year after I participated in a European indoor go kart championship. Eventually, after 4 years of indoor go karting I got my first 4-stroke outdoor go kart and became Dutch champion in my debut season.

In 2014 I sold my go kart and got my racing license on the Circuit of Zandvoort. In 2015 I made my debut into touring car racing when I was 18 years old.

2017 was an important moment in my career as I was included in the Dutch talent team of the KNAF.

Currently I am an Industrial Engineering student at the University of Technology Eindhoven and I work as an instructor for various employers. I put all my experience of go karting and car racing on national and international level into practice to teach the craft of racing to everybody who wants to learn it. I give one on one instructions, look at data, give race instructions to experienced and unexperienced drivers and I am a precision driving and drift instructor on racetracks throughout Europe.

Next to my work on race tracks, I am clerk of the course for a go kart championship and also a go kart instructor.


Race tracks

Experiences on 11 Race tracks as: Instructor Racing driver
Track types: Circuit
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Instructor Book

Experiences 6 Years between 2018 - until today as instructor for: Trackday
Daily rate: € - €€
Instructor Palmares
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Motorsport Book

Experiences 16 Years between 2006 - 2021 in the classes: Touring car Karting
Racing licence: blankInt. C
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And more... Book

More Experiences as: Presenter
Daily rate: Not specified
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