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I've been doing motorsport, or rather sim racing, since I was 13, and I started racing on the console for the first time when I was 12.

As I got better and better, I quickly received the first requests from various teams, which brought me to the starting line in different sim leagues.

At the end of 2016, I switched from Assetto Corsa and the Codemasters F1 parts to the simulation, as this is also used by professional racing drivers. I also quickly found my way around iRacing and, after some time, entered competitively with various colleagues from the end of 2017. There we were immediately able to drive to second place at the "24h Nürburgring by SimRacing-Deutsch-land".

From 2018 onwards, we drove endurance races almost every weekend without interruption and always finished very well here too.

In 2020, I started looking for a team in which I could compete in the RCN (Rundstrecken Challenge Nürburgring) at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, I remained loyal to SimRacing and helped the team to further expand this department.

I have been racing in the RCN since 2021.

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