Eric Delnest

Age 51 Years from Sint Pieters Leeuw, Belgium available as:
Eric speaks 3 Languages:
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About Eric

My experience as an entrepreneur and the need for competition drove me to motorsport, more specifically karting, in 2012 and touring car racing since 2014.

After my first years in touring car racing, I participated as a volunteer in the construction and development of my team's race car for the 2016 BGDC championship.

At the end of that season, we were able to take the runner-up championship in our class with the car. In the same year, I also participated in the Zolder 24h race and finished 12th in the Belcar 4 class, 37th overall and 2nd Belgian VW Club Challenge.

In the following years, more races in the VW Funcup and the Belcar Championship followed.


Race tracks

Experiences on 6 Race tracks as: Racing driver
Track types: Circuit
Track knowledge
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Pro Driver

Experiences 1 Years between 2015 as Pro Driver for: Test & Development
Daily rate: Not specified
Pro Driver Palmares
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Motorsport Book

Experiences 7 Years between 2012 - 2018 in the classes: Touring car Karting
Racing licence: blankNat. A
Motorsport Details
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