Age 27 Years from Schöningen, Germany available as:
Damian speaks 3 Languages:
blank blank blank

About Damian

I am a racing driver and sports driving instructor who started his career fully from simracing, with a transition to real racing cars.

I have worked my way up through the ranks of various competitions, from local to national and international (including GT Academy), and in a similar format to real motorsport, starting with Time Attack competitions and now Polish and European Championships (FIA CEZ).

In the meantime, I've been working as a sports driving instructor on race tracks, in training/competitions and motoring events such as track days.


Race tracks

Experiences on 9 Race tracks as: Instructor Pro Driver Racing driver
Track types: Circuit
Track knowledge
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Instructor Book

Experiences 7 Years between 2017 - until today as instructor for: Trackday
Daily rate: €€€ - €€€€€
Instructor Palmares
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Pro Driver Book

Experiences 8 Years between 2016 - until today as Pro Driver for: Test & Development Simracer Racedriver
Daily rate: Not specified
Pro Driver Palmares
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Motorsport Book

Touring car

Experiences 6 Years between 2016 - 2021 in the classes: Touring car
Racing licence: blankInt. B
Touring car Details
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Simracing Book

Experience 12 Years between 2010 - 2021 as:
Daily rate: Not specified

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