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Christian Wachter is a young 19-year-old Formula 3 racer in the FIA Central European Zone Championship and the Drexler Formula 3 Cup. He drove his first two international races in Formula racing at the age of 14 in September 2016 in Brno/ Czech Republic with a Formula BMW and finished 2nd in both races in the class up to 1800 cc. Since 2017, Christian has been competing in his Formula 3 race car (Dallara 308/10 FPT).

In his first Formula 3 season, he managed to finish 3rd in the overall standings of the 2017 German Formula 3 Cup. Further successes include 2nd place in the Remus Formula Junior Trophy 2018 and a 2nd place in the Ravenol Formula 3 Cup of the 2019 season.

Since 2020, Christian has not only been a professional racing driver, but also an instructor at Polar Racing. His responsibilities include coaching young drivers in theory and practice.
In 2021, Christian will compete in the open class, the "E 2000" or in the "Open Formula"/ "Super Formula". The goal for 2022 is to compete in the FIA Formula 3 Championship.
In addition to his mechanical engineering studies at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Christian pursues the hobbies of windsurfing, taekwondo (black belt and trainer's licence) and karting.

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